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13 Jul 2017
9:23 PM
(Swimming Pools)

Naturally Keeping Your Pool Clean, Sans the Chemicals

Swimming in pools is just a very relaxing thing to do. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a pool in your home, it is such a treat to be able to have a dip whenever you … Continued

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Swimming in pools is just a very relaxing thing to do. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a pool in your home, it is such a treat to be able to have a dip whenever you feel like doing so. Sadly, swimming in most pools means getting exposed to chemicals like chlorine or salt in a pool’s water system, causing one to suffer from eye irritation and enduring the smell of chemicals in your pools.

The pool smell we all mistake for chlorine is actually chloramine, the bad element of chlorine which is documented to be asthma-inducing and potentially carcinogenic. However, did you know that there are water treatment systems that you can employ with little or no chemicals? Here are some of the alternatives.

Salt Systems

This should not be confused with sea water. Instead of adding chlorine into your pool, you put in salt. The salt then passes over an electrode turning it into a low-level chlorine. Therefore, it is still considered a chlorine pool. Like a chlorine pool, it will require shock dosing with chlorine from time to time. The convenience is in handling salt rather than chlorine.

As salt is very corrosive it is recommended to have marine-grade 316 stainless steel for your pool fittings, ladders, lights, pumps, etc. Your non-slip edge tiles must also be made of a salt-resistant material, otherwise the salt will eat into them. Although it is convenient, a common complaint is corrosion and the taste of the water.



One way to lower chlorine and still enjoy clean water is by using ionisers. Here, you sanitise the water using a level of minerals to kill the bacteria in the water.

Copper, being a natural metal, is not necessarily a chemical, but it is just as effective in killing algae and viruses. It will help maintain the cleanliness of the pool and reduce the level of potentially harmful chemicals. Incorrectly managed, some pools may get an aqua tinting to white tile grouting.

Minerals do not oxidise, you will still need chlorine at a low level to oxidise.


Chemical Free Mineral Water System

Many of the so-called mineral systems are only partly mineral. They only add the use of a copper ioniser. This means that an oxidiser such as chlorine is still required.

A true Mineral Water System can give you a chemical free pool. The pool water will contain only a quarter of the maximum copper ions allowed in drinking water. This system consists of a tri-mineral generator for stage one of sanitisation. This is supported by a non-chemical advanced oxidiser that is also more effective than boiling water to boost the sanitising of bacteria and pathogens. This system, correctly managed and installed, is chemical free and the closest to nature that we know of.


Mineral Additive systems

There are mineral additives that can be dosed into the pool, and mineral cartridge bolt-ons. These tend to be used in seasonal climates where the swimming season is only part of the year and the pool is closed for the winter.

The convenience of these for a few months is not so practical here. With our high water temperatures and pools that need servicing all year round, we find that a permanent automated system is more practical.


Ozone Generators

Ozone is a very powerful oxidiser that will reduce the reliance on chemicals. The ozone is generated into the water as a small bubble, oxidising and killing bacteria. However, it passes through the water quite quickly. Generally, you will still require a residue sanitiser such as chlorine to support it at a low level.

There are many types of ozone generators in the market and they require careful management to be effective.


Low chemical and chemical free pools need a different approach to maintenance than pools using chlorine and other chemicals. The benefit is less or no exposure to chemicals, safer for everyone. That is why more and more people are investing in water treatment and filtration technologies that minimise or completely take away the need to use chemicals.

Maintaining pools can be quite tricky. With a little more understanding and the help of technology, they can be managed better with little or no chemicals.

The Water Consultant is here to help make that vision a reality. With our chlorine free pool system solutions, you can enjoy swimming in water that you would drink. Avoid carcinogenic and asthma-inducing chloramine now, and enjoy pools free from all sorts of chemicals.

Call us now and let us offer you our effective solutions to keep your pools clean and chemical-free.

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