Design & Build Chemical Free Pools

Swim in water you would drink.

Don’t swim in a pool you can smell.

It’s not chlorine you’re breathing.

Chlorine is used to sanitize pools and we have grown accustomed to associating it with the odor of swimming pools. Yet this is far from the truth. What we smell is chloramines. This is the smell of the chlorine reacting with organic matter such as sweat, body oils, dead skin cells, decomposing leaves, etc. Chloramines do not dissipate, they can lead to dichloramine and trichloramine (THMs), which are documented to be cancer-related.


Chloramines are documented to be carcinogenic as they are inhaled and absorbed through the skin and are also asthma-inducing.

Before you dive into a pool to swim,

know what really happens.

Engineered for astronauts,
installed in your real estate.

100% chemical free swimming pools. Chlorine has been known to damage the skin and cause premature signs of aging. A simple water chlorine test will show how much chlorine our skin absorbs. Chlorinated water triggers asthma and allergies.

Chloramines and Chlorine free swimming.

The Mineral Water System.

A touch of NASA in your pool

This is our newly upgraded totally Chlorine free Pool System. The Original NASA Ionization, not a cheap copy. It is combined with the very latest Oxidizing System.

Kindness to all

Pool surfaces are no longer under attack from chemicals, and the pool equipment is under less stress. Swim in soft, silky balanced water.

The Balanced Water Cocktail

The non chlorine pool water is balanced with minerals and sanitized without chemicals.

The Silver Gold standard

The original NASA Ionizer is the gold standard. It requires lower levels of copper which is supported with silver for a more efficient kill rate of harmful bacteria. This is backed up by the release of zinc ions that are sacrificial to protect your equipment from corrosion.

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Introducing the Chloramine Buster.

When chlorine-free is not an option.

For commercial pools, hotels, schools, condominiums, etc., that are required to operate with chlorine, the Chloramine Buster will induce stronger, faster disinfection, therefore reducing the chlorine use by up to 70% and minimising or eliminating the formation of chloramines.