Urban Space Saving

Easy Bio Mechanical Filtration

Just take care of your fish.

The filter will take care of the water.

Koi keepers and fish pond enthusiasts can now manage their ponds with less time-consuming and messy maintenance. We've also refined our filtration system to Urban Space Saving. They occupy less than half of the traditional systems.

Packed with heavy cleaning power.

Yet super compact.

Urban Space Saving Biomechanical Pressure Filter

No Bio beads, a patented media that never needs replacing. It operates under pressure with a patented scientifically engineered design, with the highest total surface area for growth of the bacteria. It removes debris and nitrifies Ammonia.

You'll enjoy the convenience.

Here's 4 reasons why.

No need for gloves

Internal jets do the work for you. Never get your hands dirty cleaning your ponds.

You won’t break a sweat

With the cyclonic back-wash system, it takes just minutes to back-wash. Back-wash is done simply by depressing and rotating the valve.

Save more time

Cleaning your pond often means dirtying your hands. But we flush waste water straight to the drain. You won’t be touching anything dirty.

Healthy pond, healthy fish

Independent field and laboratory testing and certification by GILLESPIE Aquatic Toxicity Laboratory, USA, showed that it outperformed all other filters. It is designed for heavy fish loads and high flow rates.

Unique Patented Media

The next generation of filters are here.

The next generation of filters and the best tool for Koi ponds. Specially engineered to meet the environmental demands of ponds. The lightweight media is designed for very high flow rates. There is patent pending on this tubular media which has low head loss and a very high biofilm surface.

The "Y" shape on the inside and wings on the outside affords a protective surface under back-washing and our patent pending back-wash system will keep the media from clogging. The same properties have been added to this media in 3 different sizes with random lengths and equal to 750sqft of surface area. Cleaning the filter is done by internal jets.

Recent advances in biological filtration have made it possible for the average pond owner to maintain clear, healthy water all year round. These low maintenance systems have brought the fun back into owning a pond by eliminating the need for awkward sponge and other submersible filters that are difficult to clean.

Recent advances have provided a much greater surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow than traditional filters. These beneficial bacteria are essential for breaking down the toxins that are created by fish waste and decaying organic matter in the pond.

A healthy pond environment, and the health of its inhabitants, are directly related to water quality and making sure that these toxic compounds are not allowed to build up.

The other great advantage of these filters is their ability to clear the water more efficiently than traditional pond filters. By design, they trap particulate matter that would ordinarily pass through a filter, and then expel this waste during regular back-washing cycles. Back-washing cycles vary, depending on filter model, but are generally very easy and efficient.

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