Unique Pools

Make a splash in multi-faceted indulgence.

None of the Usual.

A hassle-free unique lifestyle pool.

Deliver today and swim tomorrow.

No pump room and no balance tank or external pipework in the garden.

The pool is a complete one-piece construction. Normally, a pool requires one ton of concrete for every ton of water. The Unique Pool is a seven-layer encased composite using a space frame technology. This allows it to hold the total water content with no surround support.

For your installation, there is little or none of the weeks of building noise and inconvenience.

All this in one pool

An urban space-saving pool that requires no concrete surround support. All this indulgence in a chemical free mineral water pool.

Indulgence for the whole family

Relax, play, soak up an aqua massage in the jacuzzi, or relax on the therapy bar.

Easy to manage

Maintenance is easier with the automated Natural Mineral Water System. The gel coating on the pool interior also repels algae and bacteria, making the water as clear as an alpine mountain stream.

No Excuses

With the Pool River System (previously known as the Counter Current System), you can swim lap after lap, all in one spot! Just set your pace from gentle to a 30,000 lpm current of water along the whole surface of the pool. You can then work out over long lengths without even stopping to turn.

Deliver today.

 Swim tomorrow.

The pool is delivered to your location complete. As it is lightweight, it is lifted into place by crane. Final connections are made and the power is hooked up before the pool is filled and, in most cases, swum in the next day. The finishing touches of tiling, decking, etc. can be done while the pool is being used.

Place wherever.

 Do whatever.

The Unique Pool can be fully set in-ground, partially set in-ground or be free standing above ground. All this with only a flat, solid base to rest upon. The pool can be placed on a flat rooftop, balcony, etc. with no risk of leaking, as it is constructed in one solid piece with a 10-year warranty against leaking.

Size doesn't matter.

We'll make sure it fits.

The unique pool comes in 3 standard sizes to fit your home. Find the right size to install in your home. If you require unique shapes, it can also be customized.

Length Depth Width
Compact 15' 8' 3.5'
Medium 20' 9' 4'
Long 40' 11' 4'

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